Septembr 2017
  1. Name
  2. Membership
  3. Election of Members
  4. Club Committee
  5. Election of Officers and Committee Members
  6. Role of Elected and other Officers
  7. Management of Committee Meetings
  8. General Meetings of the Club
  9. Management of the Club
  10. Subscription Fees
  11. 11.Behaviour and Discipline
  12. Crews
  13. Competition
  14. 14.Rowing Ireland
  15. Equipment
  16. Use of Facilities by other Clubs or Organisations
  17. Visitors
  18. Liquor
  19. Confidentiality
  20. Correspondence
  21. Notice of Rules
  22. Changes to Rules
  23. Dissolution of the Club


1 Name

The Club shall be called the Shandon Boat Club and shall consist of the various classes of members hereinafter

defined, who shall be elected as hereinafter appears.  The colours shall be "Light Blue."

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2 Membership

The Club membership subscription year shall commence on the 1st November and finish on the 31st October of the following year unless otherwise decided by the Club committee.


The membership of the Club shall be divided between the following classes:

  1.      Ordinary members
  2.      Junior members
  3.      Club members
  4.      Associate members
  5.      Life members

An ordinary member shall be any member on or over the age of 18 years on the 1st January of the

subscription year who wishes to be eligible to row competitively for the Club.


A junior member shall be any member aged 17 years or under on the 31st December of the subscription year who wishes to be eligible to row competitively for the Club.


A club member will not be eligible to row competitively for the Club but may row for pleasure, subject to permission of the Captain and under any rules and regulations that the committee may set from time to time.


An associate member will be the parent of a junior member or the spouse of an ordinary or club member.


Associate members and junior members will be entitled to attend Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings of the Club and to be elected on committee but will not be entitled to vote at such meetings.  


A life member will be a member of twenty-five years ordinary and/or junior and/or club membership.   Such member will be automatically elected by the committee as a life member.


         A life member shall be an individual who in recognition of outstanding overall contribution to the Club is unanimously recommended by the committee to the Annual General Meeting or to a Special General Meeting of the Club and who, following such recommendation, is elected as a life member at such Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


Only life or ordinary or club members will be eligible to vote General Meetings of the Club or to be elected as an officer of the Club (as defined in Rule 4.1)



Except in exceptional circumstances no ordinary or junior member may compete for another Rowing Ireland

affiliated club while a member of Shandon Boat Club. The determination of what constitutes exceptional circumstances shall be made by the committee on application for such consideration by the committee.

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3 Election of Members
3.1 Candidates for admission for ordinary, junior or club membership shall be balloted for by the committee as follows:
3.1.1 The name and address of each candidate together with the names of his/her proposer and seconder shall be given to the Secretary along with the category of membership for which he/she is applying
3.1.2 The election to membership must be agreed by vote, 1 in 3 to disqualify, at a meeting of the committee at which a quorum of the committee must be present. A candidate once excluded shall not be proposed again for the space of one month from the date of exclusion and a candidate twice excluded shall not again be eligible for ballot for the season.
3.1.3  No candidate shall be deemed unsuitable for membership on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, nationality, race, creed or age (subject only to a minimum age of 12 years on the date of election.)
3.1.4 The subscription fee is payable on the date of election.
3.2 The parents of junior members and the spouses of ordinary and club members will be automatically regarded as associate members of the Club.
3.2.1 The membership fee for associate members will be deemed to be included in the standard membership fee of the respective ordinary, junior or club member.
3.2.2 Club members, associate members and junior members shall be entitled to attend Annual General Meetings but not to vote on any motions presented to the meeting or to be elected to hold office on the committee.
3.3 Temporary club membership for introductory periods may be offered by an officer of the committee at a fee and for a limited period, such fee and period to be determined from time to time by the committee
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4 Club Officers
4.1 The Club shall be governed by a President, Captain, Treasurer, Secretary and a committee of eight maximum. Officers and trustees to be ex-officio members of the Committee.
4.2 All officers and committee members will be members of the Club.
4.3 No member of the committee or officer of the Club or trustee of the Club may be an active member of another Rowing Ireland affiliated club.
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5 Election of Officers and Committee
5.1 The officers and committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to be held in September and in any case not later than the 30th November in any calendar year notice of which to be given by the Secretary.
5.2 Any vacancy occurring during the season shall be filled by the committee.
5.3 Only members of at least two years standing will be eligible for election as officers of the club.

Nominations for election as an officer or committee member must be received by the Secretary at least one week in advance of the Annual General Meeting.    Nominations for election must be proposed and seconded by at least two voting members.   In the absence of nominations being received before this date, the President (or Chair of the meeting should he/she be different) may, at his/her sole discretion, take later nominations including nominations at the meeting.

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6 Role of the Officers and Committee
6.1 The Treasurer shall receive all monies and make all payments on behalf of the Club, having previously passed committee and shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs and receipts and disbursements of the Club and shall present at each meeting of  the committee a statement of affairs.

The Treasurer shall furnish a statement of the finances of the Club as approved by the committee to the Annual General Meeting for confirmation.   

6.3 The Secretary shall attend to the general business of the Club, guided by the committee and under their direction enforce the rules and regulations. All communications made to the Secretary in his/her official capacity will be submitted to the committee. The Secretary shall submit a list of members of the Club at Annual General Meeting
6.4 All officers shall have the power of appointing substitutes during their temporary absence; such substitutes to be approved by the committee.
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7 Management of Meetings
7.1 The President shall preside at all meetings and committees of the Club and in his/her absence any committee member who shall be elected thereto by a majority of the members present, may take the Chair.
7.2 No motion to be entertained unless seconded. Mover to address the Chair who shall put the question, and who shall have a casting vote if necessary.
7.3 All voting at Annual General Meetings or Special Meetings of the Club shall be by ballot and no vote at any election or meeting shall be taken by proxy.
7.4 Seven voting members shall provide a quorum for Annual General Meetings or Special General Meetings
7.5 Notice of the Annual General Meeting, with a request for nominations for officers and committee members, must be communicated to all members by the Secretary (or his/her substitute) at least two weeks in advanceof the meeting.
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8 Special General Meetings
8.1 Special General Meetings may be summoned by the committee or on a requisition signed by seven of the ordinary and/or club and/or lifef members, stating the business proposed to be discussed at such meeting. Such requisition must be handed to Secretary who shall have it posted up in the clubhouse seven clear days previous to the meeting. The Secretary shall give members seven clear days' notice of such meeting
8.2 Any decisions made by majority resolution at a Special General Meeting shall be subject to approval at Annual General Meeting before coming into effect unless otherwise determined by a majority at a committee meeting.
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9 Management of the Club
9.1 The property of the Club shall be vested in trustees. The number of trustees shall not be more than five and not less than two, and they shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting. The trustees shall be ex-officio Members of the Committee. They shall deal with the property as directed by resolution of the Committee (of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence). They shall be indemnified against risk of expense out of the club property. Each Trustee shall hold office until death or resignation unless removed from office by resolution of the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose.
9.2 Subject to 9.1 the general management of the property and affairs of the Club shall be entrusted to the committee who shall meet quarterly and otherwise when summoned by the Secretary; four to form a quorum.
9.3  The committee shall have the power to raise loans on behalf of the Club subject to unanimous approval by the trustees of the terms of the loan and the purpose for which it is raised.    No part of the Club's property shall be made subject to a lien or mortgage in respect of any such loan.
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10 Subscription Fees
10.1 The annual subscription for all category of members shall be at the option of the committee.
10.2 The annual subscription shall be payable with membership application, or at the option of the committee, and annually thereafter on the date of the Annual General Meeting.       Any member in arrears on the 1st day of February shall thereupon cease to belong to the Club, and he/she shall be struck off the list of members.  
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11 Removal and Discipline of a Member
11.1 Should circumstances arise, which, for the well-being of the Club, would require the removal of any member, a power to that effect shall rest with two-thirds of the members present, and voting by ballot, at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. This course will not to be adopted until after the validity and implications of any complaint are investigated by two officers of the Club appointed for this purpose by the committee. On due cause being determined the member will be first called on to resign by the committee. On refusal to resign a Special General Meeting will be convened.
11.2 Any member who disturbs the harmony of the Club, shall be subject to such censure as the committee choose to impose.
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12 Dissolution of the Club
12.1 Should circumstances arise which would render it expedient to dissolve the Club a power to that effect shall be vested in a Special General Meeting, composed of not less than two-thirds of the voting members. Such resolution must be carried by three-fourths of the members present.
12.2 On dissolution the property of the Club will be disposed of to an organisation or body of individuals committed to using the property to continue and/or develop the sport of rowing for the benefit of the general public or, alternatively, will be disposed of to Rowing Ireland as determined by the Special General Meeting; subject in the first instance to the liabilities of the Club.
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13 Crews
13.1 The Captain shall have the power to form crews. He may delegate this power to the coach appointed to each crew under rule 13.2
13.2 The Captain shall appoint a coach to each crew in training, who shall be a member of the club.
13.3 Should any dispute arise as regards rowing in any particular boat or boats, this will be settled by the Captain, the coach designated by the Captain, or other club officer present.
13.4 The member rowing stroke oar in any club boat shall have command of the crew, provided the Captain is not a member of the crew.
13.5 Any crew member guilty of insubordination may be reported to the committee, who shall have power to suspend such member for any length of time they may think fit.
13.6 Crews in training shall have priority of the use of equipment and of the slip
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14 Competition
14.1 All crews sent by the Club to contend at a public regatta, shall be formed or approved by the Captain in consultation with the relevant coaches.
14.2 No member will be allowed to enter a boat at any regatta, to compete for or against the Club, without the permission of the Captain or the committee of the Club signed by the Secretary.
14.3 Any member acting or rowing or steering in competition, not strictly confined to amateurs (of which the committee shall be judges) shall, ipso facto, cease to be a member of the Club.
14.4 All cups and prizes won by crews, competing in the name of the Club, shall become the property of the Club. The necessary expense of such crews may, at the option of the committee, be defrayed by the Club.
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15 Rowing Ireland
15.1 The Club shall affiliate to Rowing Ireland and shall pay annual affiliation fees as levied from time to time by Rowing Ireland
15.2 All ordinary and junior members will be required to register, and remain so registered, with Rowing Ireland according to the rules of Rowing Ireland.
15.3 The committee shall nominate one or more delegates to attend General Meetings of Rowing Ireland and to represent the views of the Club at such meetings as mandated by the committee.
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16 Equipment
16.1 No boat will be admitted to the boat house unless by permission of the committee or removed unless by permission from the owner, owners, or committee of the Club; the Club accepting no liability.
16.2 Members shall be responsible for any loss or damage, through wilfulness or neglect, done to any Club property while in their charge. The amount will be determined by the committee. Any member refusing to abide by their decision shall be liable to expulsion from the Club and to legal proceedings instituted for recovery of the amount so determined.
16.3 The committee will levy a charge, at its discretion, on any member for storage of boats or other equipment on club premises.
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17 Use of Facilities by other Clubs and Organisations
17.1 The committee may from time to time enter into agreement with other clubs to allow members of such clubs to avail of the facilities or equipment of Shandon Boat Club. Licences, fees or rental charges as deemed appropriate will be set by the committee in relation to each individual case.
17.2 The committee will ensure that any agreement, licence or contract will not in any way inhibit the right and freedom of Shandon Boat Club to gain free and unfettered access to and use of, its site, facilities and equipment. No such agreement shall be entered into, or by extension of time or use allowed to become an agreement, which in any way gives rights to another club or organisation to the use by law of the site, facilities or equipment of Shandon Boat Club.
17.3 Any club to whom such a licence, agreement or contract is given will be bound to use such site, facilities or equipment in accordance with the rules, direction and practices of Shandon Boat Club
17.4 Exceptions to 17.2 of this rule shall only be made in a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Such resolution must be carried by three-fourths of the members present.
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18 Visitors
18.1 Members shall have the privilege of introducing their friends to all the privileges of the Club. Visitors not to be introduced more frequently than twice in one month.
18.2 The committee or officers are empowered to exclude objectionable visitors
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19 Liquor
19.1 No excisable liquor shall be sold on club premises.
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20 Confidentiality
20.1 No member shall divulge or discuss outside the Club, any information officially communicated to him/her regarding Club business or any circumstances relating to ballots or to any differences which may arise between members of the Club.
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21 Correspondence
21.1 All letters posted to the addresses, or emails sent to email addresses, given by the members shall be considered delivered.
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22 Notice of Rules

The rules of the Club shall be posted on the Club website.

22.2 Any member who wilfully persists in infringing the rules shall be liable to expulsion as provided for by Rule 11
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23 Changes to the Rules
23.1 For making any new rule, or altering any existing rule, it is required  that it be proposed and approved at Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose; not less than seven voting members being present. The proposed change shall be submitted to the Secretary with names of proposer and seconder at least fourteen days in advance of such meeting. The Secretary shall circulate the proposal to all voting members at least seven days in advance of such meeting. The committee shall be deemed competent to amend any rule which must be amended to comply with any statute.